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"The Patch"

The Rose Park Preschool Vegetable & Discovery Garden was completed in 2010 using a large plot of Burnside Council land located at the rear of the preschool.

Affectionately called "The Patch" the garden is an integral part of the daily curriculum, and the children are given many opportunities to involve themselves in its multi-faceted learning experiences.

The daily chores of watering and weeding the garden are carried out by the children, but mostly the children love the chance to explore beneath the surface of the raised beds to discover how much is growing and what else is living there.

All the produce is organically grown and the children delight in gathering the latest seasonal food to cook up in the preschool and try together, or take home and report back about.

Eggplant meatballs, pumpkin muffins and freshly cut 14kg watermelons have all been very popular! Sharing these experiences and "The Patch" are a highlight of a day at Rose Park Preschool.

The Patch Gallery